BGO & LYSO Crystals

Scintillators BGO & LYSO


We develop and manufacture a range of scintillator crystals that can be used in radiation detector modules for medical imaging, industrial CT, medically XCT, Positron emission tomography (PET), high energy physics, security scanning, oil well logging, and research applications.
We offer the service of volume crystal growth, volume fabrication, detector array & module assemble and crystal development.

The comparison of the properties of BGO & LYSO

Properties   GSO   BGO   LYSO  
Density  (g/m3) 6.7   7.13   7.3
Melting Point ( ° C)   1900   1050   2047
Index of Refraction    1.87   2.15   1.82
Radiation Length  (cm)   1.38   1.10   1.16  
Attenuation (cm-1 0.67   0.96   0.87  
Decay Constant  (ns)   50   300   50  
Light Yield  (%)  Nal (T1) 35   25   75  
Photofraction(% 25  40   30  
Energy Resolution  (511 kev,%)   12   16   8 
Radioactivity   No   No   Yes  


Gamma-ray and X-ray detectors such as PET, well logging and high energy physics.




Requirements of scintillation crystals

Stopping power
Dense and high absorption coefficient for gamma-ray.

Scintillation properties
High light output and short decay time, colorless and clear

Excellent energy resolution and uniform light output.
Temperature response Small decrease in light output at 100°C
Radiation hardness Almost no degradation in scintillation properties at 10*6 gray.


BGO Crystal

Bismuth germinate Bi4Ge3O12 commonly abbreviated as BGO, is the crystalline form of an inorganic oxide with cubic eulytine structure, colorless, transparent and insoluble in water. When exposed to radiation of high energy particles or other sources, such as gamma-rays, x-rays, it emits a green fluorescent light with a peak wavelength of 480nm, with its high stopping power, high scintillation efficiency, good energy resolution and non-hygroscopes, BGO is a good scintillation material and has found a wide range of applications in high energy physics, nuclear physics, space physics, nuclear medicine, geological prospecting and other industries.


Diameter 2 ” or 3 ”
Length 1 ” or 6 ”
Orientation <110> , <100>, <001>


Physical Properties Of BGO

Density (g/m3) 7.13
Melting point ( ° C) 1050
Parameter of crystal cell (A) 10,518
Refractive index 2.15
Radiation length (cm) 1.1
Peak of fluorescence spectra (nm) 480
Decay time (ns) 300
Relative light output (%) 10-14Nal (T1)
Energy resolution (511 kev,%) 20

LYSO Crystal

LYSO crystal is an ideal generation sintillator crystal. LYSO stand for Cerium doped Lutetium Yttrium Orthosilicate. LYSO crystal has the advantages of high light output, high density, fast decay time, good energy resolution and low cost. These properties mean that LYSO is an ideal candidate for a range of ray detection applications in nuclear physics and nuclear medicine, which require higher though improved timing resolution and superior energy revolution.
Sinoceramics, Inc. can produce LYSO in high volume and can supply finished pixel or assembled customer specified array or module configurations.

Physical Properties Of LYSO

Density (g/cm3) 7.4
Effective Atomic Number 66
Radiation Length (cm) 1.10
Decay Constant (ns) 40-44
Peak Emission (nm) 428
Light Yield (Relative BGO=100%) 190
Index of Refraction 1.82
Peak excitation (nm) 375
Radiation Hardness (rad) >106
Melting Point (degree C) 2050
Hardness (Mohs) 5.8
Cleavage None
Hygroscopicity No







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